Worship Ministries



Contact: Jane Sandul

Members of the Altar Guild prepare the church for worship services by setting out and then cleaning up the communion vessels, polishing brass, arranging or setting out flowers, replacing candles, marking Bible and Altar Book places and keeping the linen washed and ironed.

At present there are four adults in a team.  The teams work in rotation, which turns out to be about once a month.  During the Christmas and Easter seasons we have need for extra shifts, which are covered on a volunteer basis.  Some of our members can only work on a Sunday, others on a Friday, or mid-week, but most come on Saturdays to set-up for the Sunday services.  We hold two meetings a year at which time all members get together to discuss issues, idea, and the future while having a happy time socializing and keeping aware of how wonderful a group we really are.

With two Sunday services we are in need of new members - male or female - to join us, as many hands make light work.  If you are interested in this quiet behind-the-scene ministry to our community, please contact one of the clergy at the church - (403) 256-1428, or leave a message at the church office for the Altar Guild.  


Contact: Roxie Hall 

The Greeters come about a half hour before the service and they stay to greet those coming for the second service.  The job requires a smiling face, a warm greeting for those arriving, and helping newcomers find name tags and giving them general help.  This ministry doesn’t require much time but it is very important.


Contact: Ed Mullaney 

 Each Sunday at the 10 am service, two people are needed to help at communion by administering the chalices. This is such a joy, and if you think it is something that might interest you please contact Father Cyril.  At the moment, there are about ten/twelve of us and we would welcome more volunteers. Training will be provided.


Contact: Dinah Breu  

Taking a turn to lead the prayers of the people on Sunday mornings is a labour of love for a small group of parishioners.  If you feel that this is a ministry for you please get in touch with Dinah. Training is offered and guidelines provided for those who do this.


Contact: Joy Kew

Those interested in serving must be in grade 6 or older and go through some training with Father Cyril.  The time commitment is small, with you arriving about 20 minutes before the service and staying through the service.  The schedule is made up about six months at a time.


Contact: Suzanne Wray

At every service one or two people are needed to hand out leaflets, make people feel welcome and comfortable, to count the congregation, collect the offering, take up the bread and wine for communion, and usher the congregation up for communion.

It means arriving early on your assigned Sunday to make sure that everything is ready, and then tidying up before closing the doors after the end of the service. Each new sidesperson is given a leaflet detailing the duties, and help from experienced practitioners is offered for your first time. To volunteer, or for more information, please call Suzanne.


Contact: Robbie Coller

The requirements for this ministry are the ability to read clearly and slowly in front of a group of people.  The schedule is made up well in advance and you are given your reading with the schedule.  The time commitment is the amount of time you need to prepare and to be at the service early on your scheduled day. 


Contact:   Paul Bourgeois

The screen ministry enhances the visual experience in worship through the use of the Sanctuary screens. The soundboard ministry supports the music and worship by ensuring appropriate volume levels and minimizing feedback and other disruptions.  People working the soundboard need to arrive at least 20 minutes before the service to set up people with lapel and hand held mikes as necessary and to set the sound level for the pre-service music.  Throughout the service, it is important to anticipate the need to turn mikes on and off and to adjust volumes.  The board is labeled to make this job easier and first timers will work with veterans during the service to become familiar with the board’s operation.  This ministry is not only required for Sunday services but also for other services such as weddings and funerals and special events like the Christmas pageant and annual general meetings.



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