Stewardship Ministries


Contact: Heather Johnson

Below are the 5 elements (and their components) making up the holistic view we have for the Stewardship Ministry at St. Paul’s.  This is your summary list:



Biblical Principles—Quotes and Interpretation for weekly bulletins


Life Stewardship—Health, Spiritual Issues, Talents, Time Management, Relationships.


Financial Matters—Budgeting, Saving, Investing, Tax, Estate Planning (Planned Giving)


Giving Wisely—Responsible/Proportionate Giving, Tithing


Environment—Ecology, Conservation, Recycling, Environmental Management


Contact: Debra Brisbin

Envelopes are available from the church office.  Please mark the box on the newcomer cards available in the pews or from a sidesperson.   The envelopes with your name on them will be available by the name tags at the north door.


Contact: Dan Brisbin

The Pre-Authorization Contribution is a direct monthly withdrawal, on the 16th of each month, in an amount that you determine. Further information is available on this method of contribution in the information shelving in the front reception area.

Those members who wish to contribute through our " Pre-Authorized Donations " may obtain an authorization form from Laura Anne Fink at the Parish Office or from Dan Brisbin.


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