Pastoral Care Ministries


Pastoral Care has been described as the Ministry of Human Presence.

Contact: Nicola Peden

Care givers receive special training so they can, on behalf of the congregation, visit those in the parish in whatever their circumstances so that Jesus Christ can be present and bring healing, compassion and understanding.

It is a ministry which does not require a caregiver to DO anything, but does require someone who is willing to be present, and actively listening to the person.

If you have a Pastoral Care need, or if you would like to learn more about becoming part of this ministry, please contact Pastor Fergus [phone 403-256-1428].



Contact:  Laura Anne Fink

Purpose: To make quilts and shawls to be given to those who are sick or have suffered a loss, or also in times of celebration. The qui;ts and shawls are a way of wrapping each person in prayer and to et them know that they are in God's keeping and are loved. We meet every Tuesday at 1:00 pm.  If you know of anyone who would like to receive a shawl or quilt please let Laura Anne or Pastor Fergus know (403 256-1428).


Contact: Gail Munroe

This ministry is a parish outreach to those who are ill, have suffered a loss, are in need of support, or have had a special or joyous event.  A card from the parish is sent out to let the individual or families know that their St. Paul’s family is thinking of them.  At this time one person takes care of this ministry.  If you know of anyone who would benefit from this ministry please contact Gail Munro or Fergus.


Contact: Linda Hubert

This ministry provides casseroles to families or individuals who are in need of support during an illness or crises in their lives.  A group of volunteers provide casseroles, which are frozen until they are needed.  If you are interested in helping make casseroles or if you know of anyone who would benefit from this ministry please contact the Parish office.


Contact: Parish Office

This is open to anyone who may be grieving from a death, loss of health or the break-up of a relationship.  It is also open to anyone from the community - you don't have to attend St. Paul's.  If you are interested or you know someone who may be interested, please contact the parish office.


Contact: The Rev. Cyril Haynes

The purpose of such a program is to take care of our own parishioners.  A phone call every couple of weeks or a friendly “hello” or  “missed you in church last week” is all that’s needed.

Please give this some prayerful consideration and if you feel drawn to this ministry please phone Father Cyril  or the church office.


Contact:  Julie Wilson

Welcoming newcomers to St. Paul's is a multi-step process that we hope begins with a warm greeting from the parishioners they sit beside. Once they have filled out a newcomer’s card, vestry liaison Julie Wilson sends them a personalized welcome letter. The Rev'd Fergus Tyson phones the person or family in the first week with a further word of welcome.


Contact: Church Office or the Clergy

Father Lacombe: Fourth Sunday of Month

Members of the Parish are invited to accompany either  Rev. Cyril, Rev. Norman or Pastor Fergus.



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