Christian Education



Wednesday Morning Bible Study

The Wednesday morning Bible study group meets at 10:15 am after the 9:30 am service and runs until 11:30 am. Some of the group attends the service while others come for the study only.  The group consists of about 15 men and women who attend on a regular basis.   You may bring your own Bible or use one from the church. All are welcome and no previous experience is needed.  For more information, contact the church office (403) 256-1428.

Monday Evening Bible Study

The Monday evening Bible study group meets from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and is facilitated by Rev. Cyril.  The group consists of about 6 men and women who attend on a regular basis.   You may bring your own Bible or use one from the church. All are welcome and no previous experience is needed.  For more information, contact Diane Ablett.

Special Study Groups

There are other book studies and Christian Education studies available throughout the year.  Please contact the church office for details.

Apres EfM

Contact: Doreen Peters

A group of past graduates from the Education for Ministry (EfM) course meet at St. Paul's on the first and third Thursday evenings of the month from September to May to continue the theological reflection they had enjoyed together.  Any EfM alumnus is welcome to join the group.


Contacts: Linda Penton 


The purpose of Sunday School is to provide meaningful opportunities for all participants, students and volunteers, to learn and grow in their faith and develop their relationships with God and community. 

Graded classes are offered for the preschool through high school students at the 10 AM service from September to June.  The Sunday School is totally dependent on volunteers and there are many different ways to share your time and talent.  These include teaching, assisting in a class, helping with special events, setting up, cleaning up and maintaining supplies just to name a few.  You may wish to share your musical, art, drama, craft, wood working etc. talents as well.  You can team up with some friends to teach a class, sign up for a block of time or alternate with someone.  The possibilities are numerous.  Occasionally there are intergenerational services and Sundays around Christmas and Easter when there is no Sunday School and the whole congregation has an opportunity to worship together.  This creates a whole new set of opportunities to participate.

The Summer Sunday School program offers a multi-aged class for grades 1-6.  Here volunteers have signed up on a weekly basis for as many weeks as their schedules allow.

There is a curriculum available for all the classes with lesson plans and resource material.  It is then a matter of reading the background information and lesson plan and deciding which options will work best for the class.  Preparation time is at least 1-2 hours per lesson.  Additional prep time may be required depending on the nature of the lesson or if specific supplies need to be obtained.  Help is available from in the lesson preparation.

      As you can tell, there are many varied volunteer opportunities just for the Sunday School.  If you are interested in any of them, Ingrid would be happy to hear from you. 


Contact: Joanne Wrigley & Keith Daye

Youth Group is for youth from Grade 6 to Grade 12, youth from the parish and their friends. Adults and older youth are encouraged to come as mentors.

What do we do?

 You are invited to a new beginning in your spiritual life, experiencing Jesus as the Difference as never before!  On Sundays at the 10:00 am service, we're spending time together, in Sunday School class.  On the third Friday of each month, we do an activity together such as cooking, movies, discussion groups, music, bowling, basketball.

Check out our Youth Group Facebook page to see more details about what's happening:

Contact: Parish Office

Available each Sunday, Fall through Spring, for children of pre-Sunday school age. If you would like to join our Nursery Team, we ask that you have a love of children, that teens be 13 years old and, if you are not an adult, have a babysitting course.  Adults are very welcome and encouraged to volunteer.  Please call the office if you are able to help.


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