Communication Ministries


Contact: Paul Bourgeois and Laura Anne Fink

This committee is open to anyone who has an interest or ideas on how to increase our visibility to the community.  We need to look at signage and also how we communicate with the communities around us.  We need to find out what is needed in the community so we can become a beacon.

Please contact Paul Bourgeois or Laura Anne Fink if you have an interest in this area.


We advertise in several community newsletters—Douglasdale, Sundance, Shawnessy, McKenzie,  McKenzie Towne, Evergreen, Midnapore, and Somerset. 

The Diocesan website  has a page for St. Paul’s which has our service times and location.


Contact: Laura Anne Fink

Living Waters is our monthly newsletter which is available on the shelf by the south door or on our website.  Anyone is welcome to take one. It contains articles from different ministries, upcoming events, poems, a calendar of events and other items of interest. 

Anyone can submit items for the newsletter.  All submissions must be in by the last Sunday of each month. 


WebmasterPaul Bourgeois

Our website at was established in late 2007.  Please check us out.  Our weekly Bulletins and monthly Living Waters publications are posted there. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.  Please provide feedback on our Contact Us page.


We've begun a new St. Paul's Facebook page to help us all stay "in the loop" regarding all the different things that are happening at St. Pauol's; provide us with a great way to encourage one another with uplifting videos, songs or quotes; and give us a new way to connect with those who aren't members of our Parish family.  Please do be sure to tell people you know about it.  And please "like" us and visit our Facebook page often.


Fergus has an interactive blog called "Pastor's Postings"  which is updated frequently.  Everyone is invited to check it our regularly and to post comments.



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